CAPTAIN GURDEEP SINGH is a non government organization (NGO) working directly with needy people of Punjab particularly widows ,poor persons ,all over development of urban and rural areas particularly in slum areas ,the peoples who are on the streets begging ,and those who have fallen through the cracks.” Of the the survey nets of the big NGO”s Its big goal are to find work and /or develop skills so that these people can partly or wholly support themselves and their families it works in a direct personal way to locate needy to help them .for every child a home and educate for every adult the dignity of self reliance and desires to give back to society .

To regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged we want to provide the best means for solving local levels disputes, which in turn saves undue wastage of time and human energy and also promotes and conserves the bonds of unity and goodwill amongst the people.

• The organization is working in the rural areas of all the Punjab. Further ,organization working with remote area community since last 5 years.

• The proposed will cover more than two lakh rural population most of the population is living below poverty line and educationally, economically, socially backward and about most of the population is of schedule caste and backward classes

• We are serving where the mortality and metrical mortality rate is very high. women’s are living under pressure they are not able to take decisions .women’s are tortured to female feticides and many more.

• To empower women in rural areas to become equal partners in society .so far women have not been given right opportunities or an equal share of encouragement and training to contribute towards the family income or to make them lend a helping hand in social upliftment.